Vertical Turbine Pumps

Turbine Vertical Pumps

Vertical turbine pump stations are commonly used in clean water pumping applications, some of which include:

Water intake to a water treatment plant
Transfer of water from a reservoir or storage basin to an industrial plant
Irrigation water pumped from a river, lake or reservoir

In designing a vertical turbine pump station for clean water, the type, size and number of pumps is determined by the average and peak demands of water from the pump station, the total dynamic head (TDH) against which the pumps must operate and the size of the vessel in which the pumps operate.

Two Advantages of Vertical Turbine Pumps:

They are very efficient (80-85%), ideal for moving large volumes of water against high total dynamic head (TDH)
They operate above ground, so the pump motor and discharge head are easily accessible for maintenance.

IMPORTANT: Vertical turbine pumps are not designed for handling solids. Even moderate concentrations of grit can be damaging to some vertical turbine pumps. Solids must be filtered from water before reaching the pump